Real Estate Agent

With a rich background spanning over two decades within the mortgage and banking sector, coupled with her ownership and operation of a successful marketing firm,


Jessica has cultivated an impressive skill set that uniquely positions her to adeptly cater to the needs of individuals seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of residential and commercial real estate.


At the core of Jessica’s professional ethos lies an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service throughout the purchase and sale of real estate properties.


Her extensive experience enables her to deftly guide clients through these complex transactions, ensuring seamless and successful outcomes.

Fuelled by an innate passion for education, Jessica is deeply dedicated to enlightening others about the intricacies of real estate transactions. Her comprehensive training sessions include invaluable topics such as:


  • Unlocking the Secrets to Finding Your Ideal Home
  • Maximizing Speed and Value in Property Sales
  • A Methodical Walkthrough of the Home Selling Process


Evidencing her expertise, numerous local real estate agents have sought Jessica’s guidance and support in their pursuits of buying, selling, and skillfully negotiating real estate deals. Her reputation as a trusted advisor and mentor underscores her pivotal role within the industry.

Vacation Rental Management

Having personally experienced the challenges of locating a reliable short-term vacation rental management company, Jessica took it upon herself to address this prevalent issue within her community. Her determination to effect positive change was fueled by a series of unsettling incidents. She was taken aback to discover that her own property wasn’t listed across all relevant platforms, and on another occasion, an emergency arose at her property, but there was no responsive support available. Today she works along with three other leaders to run Abodence. Connect with Abodence.com for more information.

Consultant and Coach

Jessica is a sought-after resource among real estate professionals seeking guidance on conquering their most significant business obstacles, implementing strategies to boost productivity and growth, and preparing for the eventual sale of their enterprises. With a specialized certification as a business and life coach, Jessica’s expertise is exclusively tailored to empower and support real estate leaders in achieving their goals. Discover more at simplywowagency.com


Fun Facts

Jessica’s journey spans more than a quarter-century of marriage, defying odds to become a proud mother despite initial challenges. Beyond her family life, she actively contributes as a board member of a nonprofit organization, finds solace in nature (earning certification in forest bathing), and has earned recognition for her exceptional aptitude in mathematics, propelling her to grace the covers of magazines as a distinguished female leader and preeminent figure in the real estate domain.

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